All Officers, Warrant Officers, Non Commissioned Officers and Soldiers who have served in the Royal Highland Fusiliers the Royal Scots
Fusiliers, The Highland Light Infantry (including the Glasgow Highlanders) and also those members of the Territorial Army who wear the cap badge
of the RHF or who joined companies whose origins lie in the RHF, RSF or HLI and who served with a Regular Army Unit on full time regular service
shall be members of the Benevolent Association and as such eligible to apply for Grants-in-Aid. The dependants of the persons described in the
preceding sentence shall also be eligible to apply for Grants-in-Aid from the Benevolent Association.


The affairs of the Benevolent Association are governed by an Executive Committee and all applications for assistance are considered by a Grants
Committee, made up of three retired Officers/Warrant Officers of the Regiment, appointed by the Executive Committee of the Regimental Benevolent


The objects of the Regimental Benevolent Association are:

 (a)   To grant assistance in kind to those who are eligible under the term of the constitution and who are (in the opinion of the Grants in
         Aid Sub-Committees appointed for that purpose) in distressed or necessitous circumstances.

 (b)   To assist, if possible, eligible members to obtain admittance into Nursing Homes or other Charitable or Benevolent Institutions

The Benevolent Association also makes donations and contribution to other Funds, Institutions, Associations and other bodies which are in law
charitable and which further the above mentioned objects.

Application for Help

The Benevolent Association will not normally countenance a claim for help (Form A 2002c) unless it has been validated by one of the following
organisations; SSAFA Forces Help, The Royal British Legion, Poppyscotland (The Earl Haig Fund) and The ABF The Soldiers’ Charity. In exceptional circumstances, an urgent appeal may be considered without formal application.

The Benevolent Association provides help for a wide variety of needs. It does not however assist with the following:

 (a)   Repayment of; mortgage debt, bank loans and credit card arrears,

 (b)   Payment of school fees.

 (c)   Cost of private medical and dental care.

 (d)   Procurement and maintenance of headstones.

 (e)   Payment of court fines.

 (f)    Removal costs from MSQ to private accommodation

Application process

All enquiries for help should in the first instance be addressed to the local branch office of SSAFA Forces Help/ Royal British Legion. The
location of the aforementioned organisations’ can be found on the Internet, the local telephone directory or nearest DSS office.

The agency handling the claim will nominate a caseworker who will make contact and arrange to meet the applicant to determine the facts of the

The application form and caseworkers written report will then sent to the Regimental Benevolent Association for consideration.

The Grants Committee will review the case and decide if a grant should be given and in what amount.

Any award provided is sent to the organisation dealing with the claim; they will be solely responsible for disbursing the cash to the
appropriate creditor or supplier of goods. Under the terms of the Constitution, no money or payment will be handed to the applicant.

Donations and Legacies

These will be gratefully received and acknowledged by the Executive Committee. General enquiries should be sent to:

The Secretary
The Royal Highland Fusiliers’
Regimental Benevolent Association
518 Sauchiehall Street
Glasgow G2 3LW
T: 0141 332 0961/5639